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Lot of example sentences with the word protection from. protect in a sentence - Use "protect" in a sentence 1. Communication is cut off to protect the driver, Papa said. 2. The residents of the Vineyard protect their quiet, exclusive privacy. click for more sentences of protect Find 56 ways to say PROTECT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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2. Isabel, and that I should protect her. 3. Yet in thy mercy, heaven, protect theire lyves. The protection of young people from smoking and other social evils are our responsibility.: The fourth principle is respect for confidentiality and the data protection laws.: I would condone it myself but the point is, it was self-defence and protection of that child.: A Call Center for tourist information is in the works, and tourist police have a mandate to provide service and protection for How to use Protect in a sentence 3.

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ett hem. a home. att täcka. 1.

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Seo Bok: Park Bo Gum questions why Gong Yoo is trying to protect him in the sci fi film's gripping trailer Wonderland: Park Bo  Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Similar translations cannot rely solely on volunteers or fear of a sentence from the Court of Justice to protect it. All occupational activities in prison aim to improve inmates' chances of leading a drug free and law abiding life after having served their sentence. Ditt meddelande skickas till lämplig medlem av IBMs Data Privacy Team, till exempel Data Protection Officers eller medlemmar i deras team. first sentence of the Instrument of Government , whereby the Government may Guarding tasks of the Armed Forces The Protection of Vital Public Facilities  a suspended sentence combined with a fine determined on the basis of income . Criminalisation of a certain act may however take place to protect several  sentence was received with loud çlamours and reproaches by the multitude ; the women in particular came round the innocent Virgipia , as it willing to protect  A waiver of prosecution can, for example, be granted if a person has recently received sentence for another offence and the crime in question would not result in  such as Winston Churchill have since been boarded up in London to protect them from protesters who say the monuments celebrate racists. The report was prepared by the Human Rights and Protection Service of the UN Mission in Liberia whose mission is “to promote, protect, and monitor human  From the Cambridge English Corpus. A clause protected with a guard matches only if both the pattern and the guard are satisfied.

Now the sheriff must battle his former crew while struggling to remember his violent history in order to protect all that he holds dear.
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If you come complaining to us that something you read here is not hard-hitting news, expect to have the previous sentence repeated in ALL  av E Almroth · 2019 — The View on Animals and Rights in Swedish Animal Protection Law : A with paragraphs that protect animals from abuse in the first sentence  ““Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International sentence at the end: “Finally, further protection is provided by making  Sveaskog intends to log 1000 football fields of forests, devastating to the climate and a death sentence for our community, says Lars Anders Baer, chairman of  Information om hur du anpassar Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling-klienten för Windows.

· He protects us and is strong.
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sentence with Protect Against. Protect Against used in a sentence.

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2 The Data Protection Act requires us to have your permission to do this. 3 The guidelines contain a foreword by the Data Protection Registrar who had a few reservations about the guidelines.